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The Research and Development Access Program (RDAP) is to provides coordinated ‘free of charge’ physical and virtual access to ships and instruments that are operated by NorSOOP. NorSOOP has a total of 1.5 mNOK to support access costs (travel and accommodation) for researchers and students to carry out research activities on NorSOOP ships. Of this, 500 kNOK earmarked for students access only. This access opportunity is expected to promote innovation within marine research and to develop long-term collaborations between NorSOOP and its users and stakeholders.

Who can apply for the Research and Development Access Program?

Applications are welcome from academia, the institute sector, and industry.

What does it include? 

Funded projects will receive travel costs (transportation, lodging, and food) as well as technical assistance by the operator of the NorSOOP infrastructure that is providing access.

Types of access

Physical access: Come aboard and join us on ships of opportunity that are operated by NorSOOP. Projects can utilize existing sensors and samplers on these ships, or the project can propose to test/implement new sensors and samplers.

Virtual access: Ships of opportunity are equipped with a number of oceanographic sensors and samplers. Data is collected and available for research projects. Additionally, we can provide support for installing and operating your equipment from our ships.

Combined access: A project can also be a combination of physical and virtual access. An example is several days of physical access to install a sensor that measures a variable of interest, followed by a virtual access period when the sensor is in operation and collecting new data. Auxiliary data from the existing equipment on the ship can be provided.

How to apply? 


Write a project for using the NorSOOP infrastructure and complete the online application form.

When to apply? 


The application process for NorSOOP's 3rd call for the Research and Development Access Program (RDAP) for 2021-2022 is now open. NorSOOP’s RDAP will be organized into four calls: 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

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